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Not everybody wants a full-time relationship

It seems that every film and literature protagonist is always searching for the perfect relationship and lifelong love. But what if you aren’t interested in a full-time relationship? Contrary to what you see on telly or read about online, there … Read More

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Honeymooning in your 60s in the culinary mecca of San Sebastián

Getting married in your 60s is more common than some people think as is using an over 60 dating website. That means more and more people are planning honeymoons that suit their needs as an older newlywed couple. While most … Read More

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What Not To Do On A First Date

We recently wrote about what you should do to make a good impression on a first date. But what about what you shouldn’t do?  You may ask why this advice is needed for over 60’s? Basically, if you are out … Read More

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What is Facebook Dating, and is it worth trying?

You might think of Facebook as a platform for just staying in touch with friends and family, but the social network is actually so much more. A perfect case in point is Facebook Dating, which stands as Facebook’s first (and … Read More

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Over 60 Dating – Better than Ever

Our society has changed dramatically over the last 60 years. We’re living longer, we’re working harder and the very fabric of our communities has shifted as new technologies have connected us in ways previously unimaginable. It’s led to a world … Read More

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10 Reasons Over 60s Dating is Amazing

For lots of us, dating over 60 can feel embarassing. We’re forever told that by our age we should be quietly fading out into obscurity with somebody we’ve been with for decades. Reality, however, is often different. The good news … Read More

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Stuck for Words? Five Great Date Conversation Starters

Dates can be exciting, hilarious, terrifying and brilliant all at once, but there’s no denying those opening exchanges can sometimes be a little rocky. You’re looking for common ground from which to start to know each other, and in this … Read More

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Learning to Love Your Mature Look

Growing older is something which happens to each and every one of us, but that doesn’t make it any less painful to look in the mirror. Millions of us feel dread every time we catch a glimpse of ourselves, but … Read More

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How are you Meant to Date over 60?

Getting back on the dating scene when you’re over 60 can be a real challenge, especially when our social lives have changed dramatically from our youth. So, how are we meant to date over 60? Join us as we explain.  … Read More

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Shyness and how to Overcome it.

Shyness is something many of us sympathise with as a trait. After all, we’ve all felt it before. However, in dating it can really slow you down. In this article, we discuss shyness and how you can overcome it.  Shyness … Read More