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The Value of Shared Goals

shared goals in relationship

In relationships, there are no shortage of things which might trip you up. Whether it’s baggage from past relationships or long distances, it sometimes seems like there are so many potential obstacles that it’s amazing anyone ever stays together. Of course, love always finds a way, but there’s something you’d always do well to pay […]

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Shyness and how to Overcome it.

how to stop being shy older

Shyness might often feel like it’s something that we were born with, is a learned trait. Research has found that it’s characterised by three features: self-consciousness, excessive negative self-evaluation, and excessive negative self-preoccupation. It requires a sense of self that as babies, we don’t develop until we’re 18 months old. From then, it’s all about […]

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Picking an Online Dating Website? Follow these tips.

over 60's dating couple

Deciding to join an online dating website can be a huge moment in your life. It marks the day when you got tired of waiting for fate to hand you love, and decided to go and find it for yourself. Well, congratulations, we think it’s one of the best choices you’ll ever made – but […]

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More Invaluable Mature Dating Tips

mature lady

At Maturity Dating, we’ve made it our mission to help older UK singles find the love they so richly deserve. Across our decades of dating experience, we’ve learned one or two things that all of us can stand to learn, whether we’re mature online dating or just waiting to meet the right person out and […]

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New to Over 50 Online Dating? 3 Top Tips

happy mature couple

For a great many of us, the reason why we turn to online dating is because we wake up one morning, and we realise that we’re alone and over 50. It’s not a devastating thought, by any means, but it’s one that so many of us have. Perhaps you’ve lost somebody important to you, maybe […]

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Men: Your Guide to a Great Dating Profile

how to write a male profile

No matter how accomplished each of us may be in our dating past, coming to mature online dating requires a whole new set of skills. Whilst a smiling face is still essential, there’s an emphasis on self-expression and an unspoken code of conduct to adhere to. To write a great online dating profile then, is […]

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Love after Loss: Mature Dating after Bereavement

dealing with dating after losing somebody

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that can happen in your life. It can take years to start to feel like your life has returned to some degree of normality, and even then, it’s not easy getting back into dating. Grief is an intensely individual process. People can help you, but […]

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Learning from that Disastrous Date

how to get over

It’s happened to all of us. We spend all day in tight anticipation, get ourselves ready and head out of the door, only to endure one of the most disastrous dates of our life. Though we might associate these dates with our younger days, they’re still a common occurrence even as move into over fifty […]

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In Dating, Looks do Count – But Don’t Worry

nice looking woman

As over 50 daters, we’re all prone to a lack of physical confidence. We’re no longer as young as we once were, no longer as in touch with the style of the day and no longer as vibrantly confident about our appearance. Often, we’re told that looks don’t matter. Well, it’s time to be honest […]

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