What does a 60 year old man want in a relationship? 

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What do men over 60 want? Shock horror – it isn’t sex! Sure, sex is great, but men over 60 overwhelmingly want companionship more than anything else. They want someone who is good company and a laugh to be around.

To use a cliché, men over 60 want someone who makes them smile. This is a sign of happiness, and happiness is the golden egg. If you can make a man happy, you will win his heart. You will find true love.

How do you know when a man is falling in love?

Most men tend to hide their emotions. Men are less likely to initiate a cuddle or kiss than women. This extends to gay couples where the masculine personality is less likely to show affection than the feminine personality.

This makes it difficult to know when a man is falling in love, but there are some signs that will give you hope. These include:

  • He wants to spend time with you
  • He’s always ringing or texting you
  • He wants to protect you
  • He’s showing an interest in your hobbies
  • He compliments you all the time
  • He’s introduced you to his friends or family
  • He wants to meet your friends and family
  • He talks about the future with you in it
  • He opens up about the past, even the painful bits

How do you tell when an older man is attracted to you?

Older men are much more upfront than younger men. This comes with confidence and experience. For example, older men are more likely to dish out compliments. Older men are also more likely to open up to you about things.

Here are some of the tell-tale signs an older man is attracted to you:

  • He compliments you
  • He wants to know what you think
  • He opens up to you
  • It’s not all sex with him
  • He does things out if his comfort zone
  • He tries to impress you (sometimes hopelessly)
  • He looks at your breasts (blatantly or subconsciously)

How do you make an older man happy?

Older men know what they want from a relationship. This could be sex, love, companionship, or all of these. Making an older man happy is impossible if you don’t know what they want. So, opening up is the best way to figure things out.

Talk to your man. Ask him what he wants out of your relationship. Feel free to discuss sex, love, hobbies, spending time together, holidays, family and anything else relevant to you. A healthy relationship is about understanding and consideration.

By opening up about what you want, you will also gain a good understanding of where your future is headed. This could be a marriage or a long-lasting friendship with no sex. Everyone is different. Not everyone wants the same things.

How do you make an older man happy? Just be yourself but be considerate of your man’s needs and desires. If your man has fallen in love with you, everything else should slot into place. That’s how the universe works. There’s an order to things no matter how complicated things become. Most of all, always seek out good times.

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