10 Reasons Over 60s Dating is Amazing

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How do I get a companion after 60?

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For lots of us, dating over 60 can feel embarassing. We’re forever told that by our age we should be quietly fading out into obscurity with somebody we’ve been with for decades. Reality, however, is often different. The good news is that dating over 60 is amazing. Here’s why. 

You might be coming back into the dating market following divorce or the loss of a partner. You might simply have never met the ideal person to settle down with. Whatever your reasons for dating over 60, it’s an incredibly exciting time to make new connections. It removes a huge amount of pressure and allows you to build lasting relationships built on shared interests and passions. It’s easy to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the prospect of dating at a more mature stage in your life but don’t worry. You are going to have a ball! Read on for 10 great reasons why over sixty dating is amazing!

You can focus on what you want

It’s likely by 60 that the pressures of children have disappeared and you are moving into a quieter time in your career or stopping work altogether. After spending huge portions of your life pouring your time and energy into other people or their projects it’s time to get a bit selfish. Focus on what you want from a relationship, be that companionship, someone to chat with over dinner or a partner in crime as you travel the world. Dating over 60 is all about you.

You are comfortable in your skin

By the time you reach 60, you know who you are. It’s strange that we are probably more body confident by the time we hit 61 than we were at 21. Body hang-ups have normally disappeared by now and you feel comfortable in how you look and who you are. This level of self-confidence is not only very attractive it forms the building blocks of really strong relationships. Take advantage of your age and experience and hit the dating scene.

You can take things slow

There is no time pressure for singles over 60. You aren’t racing against a biological clock or desperate to get married before you hit a certain age milestone. Society isn’t telling you to settle down. Chances are you have done all that stuff earlier and what you are looking for is someone to spend time with, talk to and enjoy an active life with. You can go as slow or fast as you like, you set the pace and you make the rules.

You have time to date

For singles over 60 one of the great advantages is time. Retirement has often opened up leisure time that would previously have been spent working and now you can date freely without being a slave to the clock. Take a romantic trip on a Tuesday or stay out dancing until the small hours without any consequences. Post an online profile today and spend some of that free time dating. Who knows where it may lead!

You know what you don’t want

Knowing what you don’t want is almost as important as knowing what you do. You have been there and bought all the t-shirts meaning you know the warning signs and behaviours to avoid. Your experience means that your analysis of potential dates is nearly always right and you won’t spend time stuck with wrong person after wrong person at dinner. Always trust your amazing instincts and never settle for anything less than wonderful. Use your life experience wisely and find that perfect connection much more quickly.

You know your body

Younger people often assume dating over 60 isn’t physical when for many more mature daters this makes up an important part of any serious relationship. With a lifetime of experience, you know your body and how to enjoy a full and satisfying sex life. Your time beneath the sheets at 60 can be every bit as exciting as your time at 30. This knowledge is going to make your dating experience a whole lot of fun!

You have more disposable income

Dating can be an expensive business and with age often comes an increased disposable income. This means that you can date at nicer restaurants, treat yourself to romantic weekends abroad and splurge on beauty treatments and clothes. It can also mean that men and women come into relationships on a more equal footing. Money many not make the world go around but it certainly makes dating that bit nicer. Go spend big on a knock out date.

You have more to talk about

At 60 you have a huge amount of life experience under your belt and this equals a whole range of stories to share. Having lots of varied subjects to talk about makes for a richer dating experience and better conversation. You have seen the ebb and flow of the world and this gives you a wider and clearer perspective. Enjoy dates with men and women who have something meaningful to say.

You don’t care what people think

Remember when you were twenty and you were obsessed with what your parents, best friend or even neighbours thought about your date? Now you couldn’t care less what the world thinks about your date and this takes one huge pressure off the whole relationship. You may have the occasional grumblings from grown up children, but at this point who you date is entirely down to you! Forget everyone else’s expectations and concentrate on what you want.

You are more honest

Honesty is always the best policy and being honest with yourself and the person you are dating is key to a fulfilling relationship. You no longer stick around for 6 months when you just aren’t happy or lie to yourself about ‘the one’ that was really never more than ‘right now’. Use your honesty to drive happy and grounded relationships that don’t disappoint.

Embrace dating in your 60s and all of the wonderful things it can bring into your life. Remember this is your time to run wild, have fun and put your needs ahead of everyone else. Don’t waste the opportunity!

Create a profile today and start on your own online dating adventure. We have thousands of singles over 60 just waiting to connect.