What is Facebook Dating, and is it worth trying?

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You might think of Facebook as a platform for just staying in touch with friends and family, but the social network is actually so much more.

A perfect case in point is Facebook Dating, which stands as Facebook’s first (and probably only) foray into the dating market.

With Facebook Dating, any adult with a Facebook profile can create a unique Facebook Dating profile which they can then use to meet other singles. Importantly, it doesn’t link a person’s primary Facebook profile with their Dating profile, so the service doesn’t encroach on that person’s regular Facebook account.

This keeps things separate, which is important because some people do consider online dating a private matter.

Anyway, what Facebook Dating has is a massive database of singles, with that database based on (but not in sync with) regular Facebook users. The database is of course growing, so it promises to get better with age.

Once your profile is set, Facebook Dating uses an algorithm based on your own set preferences to match you with other people. It will only match you with people located a maximum of 100km away. An important aspect of Facebook Dating is the quality of matches, so opt-in is crucial. For example, unlike Tinder which has a swipe feature, you have to physically tap “not interested” to move to the next match.

For now, Facebook Dating is mobile-only. In 2015, a study found that 47% of Facebook users access the site on mobile. Four years on, that percentage is predicted to have passed 50% so that’s where most of Facebook’s users are. Also, the Dating interface is literally built for mobile. It wouldn’t easily port to the desktop.

Like all the best dating platforms, Facebook’s has an online messaging function. However, these messages have their own inbox which is separate to Messenger. This ensures beyond all doubt that Facebook Dating and Facebook remain separate.

Is it worth it?

Because Facebook users have to physically opt-in to Facebook Dating, the platform itself is as focused as a regular dating site. However, the quality of the matches may not be as high because it automatically finds matches for you. This can spring a few surprises. The interface is also similar to Tinder, which some people like, but others don’t.

If you’re serious about finding love in later life, Facebook Dating is an entertaining platform to try out, but ultimately it is no better than a regular dating site. Sign up to Over 60 Dating, create your free profile, and see for yourself.