Men: How To Stay Stylish In Your 60s

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Catch a movie made before 1940 and there’s every chance most of the men in it will be wearing a hat when out and about. Hat-wearing was customary in the late 19th century and only began to fade in the 1920s. This is a great example of a style trend coming and going, as they all do eventually, from polka-dots to chinos (for what it’s worth, polka-dots are always cool).

However, one style trend will always be here to stay – dressing your age. There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes that are too young or old for you (note: this is different from vintage as a style. This will always be a cool trend).

Men are particularly bad at dressing their age. This gets even worse when the man in question has had no dress sense his whole life.

A bad dresser will always be a bad dresser unless someone guides them. This is why personal shoppers exist, although they are a perk for the wealthy. Commoners need not apply.

The Over 60s Dating Site Guide to Staying Stylish in Your 60s

I’m no personal shopper but I do know what looks good on a man as a mature woman. Men, here’s how to stay stylish in your 60s:

Cut and fit

Whether we’re talking about jeans or a winter coat, cut and fit is important.

Older men tend to go for loose-fitting clothes for comfort. This is fine for when you’re lounging around the house, but for dates, I recommend choosing a tailored fit, so a fit that flows elegantly off you instead of draping off you.

This is as simple as choosing slim fit jeans and a slim fit coat. If you are broad, try the size down. If this doesn’t fit, try another brand. The fit of your clothes is as important as colour and design. Your clothes should complement you.

Colours and patterns

Beige, grey, black, white, camel and other neutral colours are your best friend. These offer loads of possibilities from monotone to contrast outfits.

Loud colours turn heads so are best-reserved for dates and occasions. A pink shirt is a fantastic choice for a softer look.

Patterns are OK so long as they’re symmetrical. Chequered shirts have a rural vibe that’s nice in certain situations. Pinstripes are my favourite pattern for men in their 60s because they are classy and give the illusion of height.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

There’s no bigger sin in your 60s than wearing shoes that are too young for you. Those Adidas Boost trainers? Yeah, don’t wear them on a date. You want to look suave, so go for a classic – Chelsea boots for casual dates and brogues for fancy dates.

The texture and colour of your shoes are also important. Suede shoes are fantastic for bringing depth to your outfit. Why not try navy or burgundy instead of black or brown? A variety of colours will help you make more outfits.

If you feel most comfortable in trainers, you can get smart trainers in a neutral colour. It’s all about making outfits that give you confidence.

Make use of accessories

A nice scarf adds elegance to any winter outfit. Flat caps look great in casual settings and stylish glasses help to give you character. If you don’t wear glasses, you can get blue light filter glasses to give you an excuse to wear some.

A watch is always a good choice when you have an exposed cuff. The watch you wear doesn’t matter from a brand perspective – even though it’s nice to have an Omega, Rolex or Breitling on your wrist. What matters most is style.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to use a walking cane. If you have a dodgy knee or you like walking, a cane will help you. There’s no shame in using a cane.