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How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Family

older couple on a date

For many people dating over 60, the thought of introducing a partner to their family is a scary one. It’s likely family relationships and dynamics are so thoroughly entrenched that adding a new person into the mix is a bit like throwing in a grenade. If you do meet someone though, and that relationship becomes […]

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10 Reasons Over 60s Dating is Amazing

over 60 dating couple

You might be coming back into the dating market following divorce or the loss of a partner. You might simply have never met the ideal person to settle down with. Whatever your reasons for dating over 60, it’s an incredibly exciting time to make new connections. It removes a huge amount of pressure and allows […]

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The Numbers Behind Over 60 Dating


When it comes to finding love beyond the age of 60, there’s often an unusual feeling that goes along with it – shame. For so many of us, the thought of entering the dating scene over the age of 50 feels somehow wrong, like the hand fate has dealt us somehow should preclude us from […]

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What Does and Doesn’t Work When Online Dating

online dating advice

By and large, online dating websites follow the same pattern that traditional dating methods do when you’re courting. First, you catch each other’s attention, then you start speaking and maybe, just maybe, something special will come out of it. Nevertheless, if you’re new to online dating you might feel like you’re adrift in a sea […]

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Where to find Love over 50?

online dating for seniors

Getting back into the online dating scene over 50 can feel like a somewhat surreal experience. For many of us, we’ve spent a good chunk of our past in relationships, and the thought of being without one into our fifties and beyond can feel like you’re at sea without an anchor. Whether we’ve been married, […]

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What is a Baby Boomer?

baby boomer

As singles over 60, we’ve almost certainly been called a ‘baby boomer’ at some point in the past, and though the use of the phrase is widespread, if you’ve never looked into it before, it can be a confusing one. Just what is a ‘baby boomer’, anyway? Is it insult or a categorisation? Cultural term? […]

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