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Men! How to Write the Perfect Profile

how to write a male profile

Taking the plunge and deciding to join an online dating is one of the most exciting things you can do as a mature dater. It signals your decision to take control of your dating life, meet new people and hopefully turn a page on your dating history. The only thing that’s standing between you and […]

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: 28 Years of Love

secrets of marriage

Once we reach 60, many of us take a moment to look back over our love lives. Romance can come and go in the blink of an eye, or it can endure for decades to come, but love is always remarkable. It can inspire or hurt, but it’s something that none of us would want […]

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Men: Your Guide to a Great Dating Profile

how to write a male profile

No matter how accomplished each of us may be in our dating past, coming to mature online dating requires a whole new set of skills. Whilst a smiling face is still essential, there’s an emphasis on self-expression and an unspoken code of conduct to adhere to. To write a great online dating profile then, is […]

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Five Tips for Ladies Writing their Profile

older woman with flowers

The key to writing a great online dating profile is to know what you want, who you want to attract and who you are. That might sound tough, but it really isn’t, and in fact can be a fantastic exercise which draws into sharp focus exactly why you’re trying online dating as an over 50 […]

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Stories from our Users: Over Sixty Love

finding love over sixty

Edward and Dorothy (both 61) met through this very online dating website. Here, Edward tells the story of how they met, in another success story from our users. My children and grandchildren had been on my back for years about finding a woman to grow old with. My wife had died twenty-five long years ago, […]

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Stories from our Users: Married after 18 Months

mature dating couple on bridge

Stephanie, 52, and Andrew, 58, met through Maturity Dating. After seeing each other for 18 months, they have decided to tie the knot. We asked Stephanie if she wouldn’t mind putting her story into words for us, what follows is her amazing story. I met Andrew through an online dating site a year and a […]

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Stories from our Users: Opting For The Younger Man

over 60's dating couple

Sarah, 52, and Patrick, 36, have been dating for 11 months. Here’s what Sarah has to say about her online dating experience and meeting the love of her life as a mature dater. I’d suffered a horribly traumatic, drawn-out divorce from my husband in my mid-forties and honestly thought I’d never love again! I finally […]

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Women: Your Guide to the Perfect Online Dating Profile!

mature lady

So you’ve decided that it’s time to take back control of your love life. Congratulations! One in three new UK relationships is now started online, and more over 50 and over 60 daters are finding out that online dating is fun, safe and incredibly rewarding. On the other side of that door are hundreds of […]

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Words from our Customers: My Over 40 Dating Experience

baby boomer

It’s no secret that the dating game has changed since I was in my prime. Call me an old romantic, but traditional values and thoughtful gestures seem to have gone down the plughole…along with most of my hair. Nevertheless, after twenty something years of marriage I’ve found myself back in the dating game and, amazingly, […]

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