how to break up

How to Break Up the Right Way

Many things about dating get easier as we get older, but ending relationships isn’t one of them. So you’ve been on a date or two (or even a few!) but this person simply isn’t for you. Whether they said something … Read More

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How to Date Over 60 the Smart Way

When I first re-entered the dating scene after 30 years of marriage, I really didn’t know what I was doing. Memory has an odd habit of compressing down events, and when I thought about trying to date again, I found … Read More

over 60 dating couple

Five Reasons Finding Love Later in Life is Amazing

Once you head past 50 or even 60 it’s easy to think the most important years of your life are behind you. The opportunity to have a family or fly high in your career could feel either a little out … Read More

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Is it Normal to be Divorced Over 60?

Getting divorced is always a shock, regardless of your age. Even through the hard times, we cling to small hopes that we might come out of the other side happier and stronger in our marriage. Sadly, that’s not always the … Read More

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How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Family

For many people dating over 60, the thought of introducing a partner to their family is a scary one. It’s likely family relationships and dynamics are so thoroughly entrenched that adding a new person into the mix is a bit … Read More

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Three Critical Questions Before you Try Online Dating

The allure of online dating is an obvious one; it’s a fun, easy and friendly way to reintroduce yourself to the dating world. As singles over 60, online dating presents a life changing opportunity to take love into our own … Read More

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The Value of Shared Goals

In relationships, there are no shortage of things which might trip you up. Whether it’s baggage from past relationships or long distances, it sometimes seems like there are so many potential obstacles that it’s amazing anyone ever stays together. Of … Read More