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10 Reasons Over 60s Dating is Amazing

For lots of us, dating over 60 can feel embarassing. We’re forever told that by our age we should be quietly fading out into obscurity with somebody we’ve been with for decades. Reality, however, is often different. The good news … Read More

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Maturity Dating is THE new way to Meet People over 50

It’s only natural that, with the passing of time, we can feel as though we’re stuck in a rut. Over 50, it can seem as though we’re not getting out as much as we used to and the chances to … Read More

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In Dating, Looks do Count – But Don’t Worry

As over 50 daters, we’re all prone to a lack of physical confidence. We’re no longer as young as we once were, no longer as in touch with the style of the day and no longer as vibrantly confident about … Read More

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Flirting isn’t Age Dependant

Flirting it something that none of us were taught, but all of us seem to do naturally. Just as the exotic birds make their elaborate calls and perform their intricate routines, so do we do our own mating routines. It’s … Read More

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Confidence for the Over 50 Dater

Do you remember how nervous you were on your first date? Was it bravado or bluster that got you through it? Being scared silly of rejection isn’t just for the under 21’s. Fear is a constant, it’s how you react … Read More

Am I in a Destructive Relationship?

Ultimately, the strength and longevity of any relationship is built on two things; respect and affection. From those two pillars, beautiful relationships can be built, but it takes strength, time and patience to get to that point. Destructive, violent behaviour … Read More

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Should you be Embarrassed about Dating over 60?

Back when I first set about the dating scene in earnest (which was, in fairness, quite a while ago), I couldn’t imagine dating at the age of 60. For one reason or another, it seemed to abstract. After all, aren’t … Read More

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Is Mature Dating For Me?

Are you a mature single? Then it’s probably been a long time since you were on the dating scene, happily (or otherwise) cocooned in a marriage or partnership for a number years. Whether we’re left single by choice, bereavement or … Read More

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Where Can I Meet Mature UK Singles?

If you have recently split from your partner, divorced or lost a loved one and have taken the time to reacquaint yourself with the single you, you may have reached the point where you are ready to put yourself out … Read More

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Am I Allowed to Date a Younger Man?

For centuries the older man has paraded his younger female lover proudly with hardly a bat of an eyelid, whilst a mature woman caught with a youthful man was seen as taboo. Not anymore. Times have changed and it is … Read More