Is it Normal to be Divorced Over 60?

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Getting divorced is always a shock, regardless of your age. Even through the hard times, we cling to small hopes that we might come out of the other side happier and stronger in our marriage.

Sadly, that’s not always the case and many UK citizens find themselves single over 60. It’s a reality which has grown only more common as divorce rates for men and women over 60 have increased significantly since 1991

Nevertheless, many of us feel like being divorced over 60 is somehow rare and, more often than not, shameful. The reasons why that’s the case is plentiful, but from speaking to our customers it’s become clear that there’s a general feeling of embarrassment that they couldn’t make their marriage last, and a fear that a failed marriage will somehow damage their prospects of love in the future.

So, is it normal to be divorced over 60? The answer, is, of course, yes.

The numbers behind being divorced over 60

According to official government statistics, there were an incredible 1,522,436 divorced people over the age of 60 in the UK in 2015, a number which has likely done up since then. Added to the numbers of individuals single over 60 for other reasons and you’ve got the basis of a thriving online dating scene for the over 60s.

One of the reasons why many over 60s feel like they’re alone in their divorce is because we simply don’t talk about it. That shame we mentioned earlier keeps us from connecting with other divorced over 60’s.

There’s also an issue of underrepresentation in the media, where over 60s are routinely either in long-term marriages or are widowed. It’s a situation which makes us feel out of step with the world when in reality, it’s perfectly normal to be divorced over 60.

What’s causing divorce over 60?

So, what’s driving these numbers? Well, more often than not, it’s simply a case of not being happy in their relationship anymore. As western societies have evolved, they’ve moved away from religious dogma which has led to less fear around getting divorced, even into your 60s, helping countless people get out of loveless, listless or hateful marriages.

There’s also the simple matter that people are living longer than ever before. Whilst once we weren’t expected to live long into our sixties and seventies, it’s now expected that many of us will reach our nineties and beyond.

Marriage used to be a much shorter prospect than it is today, and as we grow older in marriages which don’t make us happy, we’re forced to ask ourselves the question – do I want another 20 years of this?

So, of course, divorce rates are going up – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Getting over a divorce over 60

Getting over a divorce is never an easy thing to do, and ultimately, it’s all about when you’re ready. Some of us come out of a divorce ready to meet new people and start living again, whilst others need time to heal and reflect.

What’s for certain though is that when you’re ready to get back on the market, there’s no better way to do so than with over 60 dating.