How to Date Over 60 the Smart Way

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When I first re-entered the dating scene after 30 years of marriage, I really didn’t know what I was doing. Memory has an odd habit of compressing down events, and when I thought about trying to date again, I found that I’d basically forgotten how to do it entirely. Being married, I slipped into a comfortable rut, where effort became less and less frequent, and the need to be interesting or charming lessened to the point where it rarely occurred. Those were aspects of the failure of my marriage, certainly, but it also meant I was extremely rusty when it came to trying to secure new dates. Suddenly, I was in a place where I was once again I had to show my personality, my confidence, and my charm to find a date. Needless to say, I found it hard going. The reasons why were plentiful, from a lack of real free time to find people to low confidence from my previous relationship.
Today, I’m in a loving relationship and once again about to get married. It’s only been a handful of years, but I’m in a situation I couldn’t be happier with. Speaking to my still-single friends – many of whom are both more charming and attractive than I – there’s one thing I did a little differently which made all the difference.
Can you guess that it is? That’s right, I used an over 60 online dating website. Amid my peers, online dating can sometimes still be something of a taboo subject. It’s a view that’s rooted in the earliest days of the internet when nobody really understood the opportunities it would offer, but for some people, it’s still the way they think.
It’s a situation that’s made stranger by the fact that online dating is growing at a remarkable rate across all age groups, but especially the mature segment. In the two years between 2013 and 2015, the percentage of 55-64-year olds using online dating doubled to an impressive 12% of all singletons.
That number has only increased in the intervening two years, there are now millions of singles over 60 using the internet to discover love.
It’s the smart way to meet new people over 60 when your social circle diminishes somewhat and we find it harder to meet new people. Of course, there’s a minor learning curve, but I discovered that online dating made it extremely easy to meet new people.
First of all, I created a profile and filled it with the information I thought important, funny or interesting to a potential partner. From there? Well, I just chose to look at women local to me. I could specify age, height, body type, hair color or any other element I wanted in a partner and, to my shock, I found dozens of wonderful, incredibly interesting women.
Unlike dating in my youth though, I didn’t have to come up with a spontaneously witty and interesting way to get their attention. Instead, I could take my time and write out the perfect message, a message I was comfortable with and hopeful about.
I went on some fantastic dates with brilliant women I would never have met otherwise, but it wasn’t long before I met my beloved.
Online dating changed my life, so why not let it change yours? Sign up for free today and join the millions of others who have done the same.