How to Introduce a New Partner to Your Family

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For many people dating over 60, the thought of introducing a partner to their family is a scary one. It’s likely family relationships and dynamics are so thoroughly entrenched that adding a new person into the mix is a bit like throwing a grenade. If you do meet someone though, and that relationship becomes serious it is only natural you will want to include your new partner in family occasions and celebrations. And you deserve to find happiness even if you are now a little older than you once were. So, tread carefully but move forward. Let your family know you have found a new someone special and take cautious steps towards an introduction. It may be difficult but a loving family will put your happiness above everything else.

Don’t Rush In

The first important thing to remember is to not rush in and introduce someone that you aren’t sure will become a long-term fixture in your life. You may have had a wonderful first week but it’s probably not appropriate to jump in and invite him or her round to your regular Sunday lunch. Wait until you feel confident and secure that a serious relationship has developed. Talk to your partner and see how they feel. Talk to your family about your new relationship and show them how happy you are.

Understand There Will be Questions

For some reason, younger family members often have a hard time accepting that over 60s dating even exists, or that any singles over 60 would even be looking! They will have questions, they will have concerns and they will probably get overprotective. Talk to them honestly and openly, answer their questions and assure them that you are both happy and approaching this new relationship sensibly.

Don’t Force Friendships

Relationships take time to grow and you can’t expect that your family and your new partner will hit it off immediately. Friendships can be slow to start, and if they are fast friends from the beginning, that’s wonderful but if they aren’t that’s ok too. Forcing people into situations where they feel uncomfortable and awkward won’t lead to any resolution. Common ground can take a little while to become apparent, don’t push them and over time friendships will naturally develop.

Give it Time

There may come a point after first introductions where the whole thing seems too difficult to carry on with. Your partner may be upset, your family may be upset and you are stuck in the middle trying to maintain the peace. Remember that this initial bumpiness will pass, everyone will settle down and dynamics will adjust. Take a deep breath, go for a walk and remember time normally has a way of solving all problems!

Starting a new relationship is always tricky but when you are dating over 60 it often comes with a whole host of family complications that you couldn’t have imagined in your twenties. Be kind, patient and remember you deserve a happy and fulfilling romantic life!