Stuck for Words? Five Great Date Conversation Starters

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Dates can be exciting, hilarious, terrifying and brilliant all at once, but there’s no denying those opening exchanges can sometimes be a little rocky. You’re looking for common ground from which to start to know each other, and in this article, we’ll share a few of our emergency questions.

It’s that dreaded date moment. That pause that goes on a few beats too long, as you stare at the tablecloth thinking desperately of something to say. Every date, even the best dates have a few awkward conversational moments. That’s just part of getting to know someone. It can be tricky when you join an over 60 dating site and you are perhaps a little rustier at this than you used to be. But if you’re planning a date it can be a good idea to have a few conversational backups ready – just in case.

First things first, the best conversationalists allow their partner to shine. Try to choose open-ended questions and say ‘you’ more than you say ‘I’. Then just read their cues and relax into the natural ebb and flow of the discussion.

These are some of our favourite conversation starters to get words flowing on your next date.

What are you most passionate about?

Understand what someone is passionate about and understand them. Thinking about the thing that gets them fired up is bound to have your date chatting and will likely lead to plenty more avenues to explore. Watching someone light up about what they love is a great way to gauge if you have a connection. Take this idea one step further by looking carefully at their profile on an over 60 dating site before you meet up. This way you can get a handle on their passions and interests pre-date.

If you could only watch one movie and read one book forever what would they be?

This question takes more than a little thinking and often leads to the discovery of a shared interest in an author, actor or director that opens up the potential for further connections and discussions. It’s the perfect ask for a long leisurely dinner date when you have plenty of time to dig a little deeper.

What is your most embarrassing dating moment?

Sometimes the best way to lighten the conversation is with a little humour and everyone has had an embarrassing dating experience somewhere along the way! You can break the ice by sharing one of your own stories first. If you met on an over 60 dating site you’re sure to bond over the perils and highlights of dating online over 60!

Where is your favourite place in the world to spend a weekend?

The places we are drawn to reveal a lot about our personality, interests, tastes in food, music and even culture. Most of us have a favourite city, country or rural idyll that feels like our own. This conversation starter can lead to a deeper story of travelling and how they identify with the places that matter. Passionate travellers always have a story to tell or a hidden gem to recommend.

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