Learning to Love Your Mature Look

Mature well dressed woman

For many of us, the thing holding us back from dating or for joining up to an over 60 dating site is a lack of confidence about how we look. Having not dated for years or even decades we just don’t know how to approach dating looking, well, a little older than before. While this mind-set is completely normal, it is one we all should work a little harder to avoid. Older or younger, you are attractive inside and out in completely unique ways. Dating along with how and why we find someone attractive is about much more than wrinkle-free skin! Think about some of the most attractive men and women around – Sean Connery and Helen Mirren – both over 60 and looking amazing.

Practice embracing how you look and taking small steps to improve your self-confidence every day.

If you have created a profile on an over 60 dating site and you have that nerve-jangling first date on the horizon then why not do something to boost your confidence? Go for a massage or a facial, get your hair cut or pick out a brand-new accessory or cologne. Small things can make a huge difference to how attractive you feel and sometimes just a little extra effort can pay dividends.

Looking for your physical and mental wellness can not only improve how you look on the outside but give you a huge boost on the inside too. Increased energy levels, better mood and a few pounds off on the scale can impact how attractive you feel. Join a gym, up your activity levels or simply increase your fruit and veg intake.

Very few people on an over 60 dating site are looking to connect with someone solely for their model looks. Being a little older and wiser means we understand that forming a relationship is about much more than beauty. Take the pressure off and embrace yourself – just the way you are.

Ever noticed that when you wear your favorite outfit, you stand a little taller, feel a little better? That’s not a coincidence – when we take the time and care to pick out the clothes we love it can impact our mood in a significant way. If you have just joined an over 60 dating site why not splurge on a few new items for your wardrobe? You will feel more confident having a profile picture taken or hitting the dating scene. Mature well dressed woman

What do you like about yourself? Is it your deep green eyes? That cheeky dimple? Your fantastic sense of humor? Take time every day to pay yourself a compliment – even if it is just in your head. If you repeat something often enough it becomes true. So always take the time to recognize the amazing in you.

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