The Numbers Behind Over 60 Dating

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When it comes to finding love beyond the age of 60, there’s often an unusual feeling that goes along with it – shame. For so many of us, the thought of entering the dating scene over the age of 50 feels somehow wrong, like the hand fate has dealt us somehow should preclude us from finding love of our own.

It is, of course, a completely nonsensical feeling to have, but it’s nonetheless a very real one. As one of the leading mature dating websites in the UK, we’ve spoken with countless customers over the years and discovered that the only true weapon against that kind of uncertainty is cold, hard facts. So, let’s take a look at the numbers behind being single over 60, using the official government statistics.

For those of us who never found love and got married, it can feel like we’re a rarefied breed, but that’s simply not the case. In total, there are almost half a million UK people aged between 60 and 74 – 455,513 to be precise.

Of course, that doesn’t even factor in the huge number of individuals that are either widowed or divorced aged between 60 and 74. In total, those numbers total well over 2 million, landing at 2,125,612 in 2015 (the last year for which accurate data is available).

Taken together, those sums add up to significantly more than 2.5 million people. That’s over 2.5 million people in the UK single and looking for love, and that’s without factoring in the millions more aged over 74 who are single.

The great shock though? The idea that it’s somehow shameful or embarrassing that you should be out there looking for love at that age. It’s a perfectly natural thing experienced by millions, and yet society somehow communicates to us that it simply isn’t the case.

Online dating has given more mature over 60 singles than ever before the chance to meet fantastic, vibrant and likeminded individuals than ever before, all from the comfort of your home. We all know that when you reach a certain age, your commitments begin to take up a bigger part of your life, shutting many of the routes that we use to find romance and friendships.

That’s why online dating is so powerful for the over 60 crowd – it gives you the freedom to meet people on your own time and on your own terms, free from the gaze of a society which prizes youth above all else.

When you sign up for an online dating website like Over 60 Dating, you’ll discover for yourself just how many over 60 singles there are just waiting for you to discover them. It’s a true community, bound not by their marital status, but merely by how wonderful they are.

The numbers don’t lie, so let those conflicted feelings go and allow love back into your life.