How are you Meant to Date over 60?

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Getting back on the dating scene when you’re over 60 can be a real challenge, especially when our social lives have changed dramatically from our youth. So, how are we meant to date over 60? Join us as we explain. 

Dating over 60 is an experience like no other, one which can at once be exhilarating, passionate and terrifying. Like dating at any age, it’s a swirl of emotion that can knock you right off your feet if you’re not careful, but unlike dating when we’re younger, we’re different people.

For most of us, we’ve gone through long relationships and come out of the other side. Some of us have lost those who mattered most to us, others have suffered through divorce and yet more of us simply never found the right person.

All of which means that the majority of us have suddenly found ourselves single over 60, back on a dating scene which has changed dramatically from when we were in our thirties and even our forties.

So, how are you meant to date over 60?

Don’t Leave it to Fate

Traditionally, the way the majority of Brits found dates would be for them to fall into their lap. We’re a modest and reserved bunch sometimes, a fact which manifests itself in our historical reluctance to go out and seek dates.

Over 60, however, that simply isn’t an option – for a number of reasons. Chiefly, we simply don’t have the time. As we age, our lives get busier and busier. Many of us are still working and even without full-time employment, we’ve got families, extended families, friends and other commitments to tend to, all of which means that we’re simply too busy to go out on the prowl, as it were.

What can be done? Well, we can make use of online dating. Safe, secure, fun and free to get started, online dating for over 60s is the best way to meet fantastic single people around your age. Every day, thousands of people sign up in the UK, so why not join them?

Keep an Open Mind

As we age, we can get a little set in our ways. It’s a natural part of growing older, but when we’re dating it can be a serious hindrance, especially if we’ve suffered a bereavement. There can be a desire to find a perfect like-for-like replacement in your next partner, somebody with a personality close enough that you can heal some of the wounds left behind.

However, that’s not the way to go about things. Trying to replace a former partner isn’t the path to happiness, instead, give yourself the chance to fall in love with a different type of person. Drop some prejudices and give a chance to somebody you might not have done previously.

Prepare for Patience

Those early days of excitement and buzzing chemistry are thrilling, but don’t let yourself fall too far in love just yet. Romance is a marathon, not a sprint, and though these feelings are wonderful, you shouldn’t jump in with both feet in the early stages.

Be patient and really get to know the person sat on the other side of the table and work on the relationship slowly, you’ll be thankful you did it later.