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The Rules of Dating Over 60

senior lady

Being single over 60 can feel like a strange place to be. Beyond our friends and family, it can be hard to know exactly how many of us there are out there looking for love. Many of us became single through choice, whilst for others, the decision wasn’t our own. However, what unites each of […]

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Should you be Embarrassed about Dating over 60?

embarrassed dater over 60

Back when I first set about the dating scene in earnest (which was, in fairness, quite a while ago), I couldn’t imagine dating at the age of 60. For one reason or another, it seemed to abstract. After all, aren’t all the over 60s married, and if they aren’t, surely they don’t have the same […]

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Should You Date Inside your Age Group?

Excited Mature Couple

For whatever reason, a large number of us simply don’t like to date amongst our own age group. Sexual preferences in humans are defined at a relatively young age, and for some of us that means liking older or younger partners. Clearly then, it’s perfectly natural to date outside of your own age group, but […]

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Increased Online Dating Use – The Stats

mature dating growth

UK online dating market was estimated to be worth £150 million in 2014. Worldwide, there has been a 57% increase in the use of online dating sites. A 2015 and Ipsos ASI study indicates that there are 12.7 million singles in the UK . This is a sizeable proportion of the 40.2 million people between 18 and […]

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How to Succeed on the Over 50 Dating Scene

mature dating advice

Dating in your midlife can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The secret to success is preparing yourself prior to putting yourself out there, that way you’ll be armed the essential tools to make the dating experience an enjoyable one and ultimately get you want; somebody special to spend your life with. So, […]

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Love on the Rocks: Tips for First Date Drinking

First date couple drinking

First dates can be difficult waters to navigate, even at our age. They’re a mess of anticipation, emotion, confusion and excitement that, sometimes, leads to the very best night of our lives. That is, of course, if we can remember it in the first place because, surprise! England loves a good drink. By far the […]

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Is Mature Dating For Me?

shared goals in relationship

Are you a mature single? Then it’s probably been a long time since you were on the dating scene, happily (or otherwise) cocooned in a marriage or partnership for a number years. Whether we’re left single by choice, bereavement or separation, it can be hard to get back into dating. Welcome back to the single […]

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12 Tips for Asking Someone out on a Date

Over 60 Dating Couple

So you’ve been flirting for a while and you’ve got a pretty good idea that your feelings might be reciprocated, but there’s still that nagging feeling. What if they don’t want to go on a date with you? What if they just don’t respond? What if I’ve misread the conversation? No matter how well things […]

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