The Rules of Dating Over 60

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Being single over 60 can feel like a strange place to be. Beyond our friends and family, it can be hard to know exactly how many of us there are out there looking for love.

Many of us became single through choice, whilst for others, the decision wasn’t our own. However, what unites each of us is the knowledge that somewhere out there is exactly the right person for us – we just have to find them.

That’s where the problems start though, because just how are you meant to meet somebody new when you’re over 60? We lead incredibly busy lives which mean that the kind of free-flowing social lives we led in our youth simply isn’t possible.

The answer, of course, is over 60 online dating.

Online dating has revolutionised the way each of us meets new people.

But what are the ‘rules’ of online dating when you’re over 60? Let’s take a look.

Keep an Open Mind

As we get older, many of us can find ourselves stuck in the old ways. We search for the same personalities we’ve met before, the same body types we’ve enjoyed before and the same hobbies and interests as hold ourselves.

Quite simply, we get stuck in a rut, but online dating presents an amazing opportunity to pull ourselves out of it. By letting you see and read about hundreds of local single people your age, you’re able to play around with your expectations, reaching out to people you might not otherwise and potentially discovering that somebody special.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

By and large, online dating profiles are set up by good, honest people that are simply looking for the same thing as you. However, there are those who – either by malicious intent or simply misguided belief – think it’s a good idea to embellish their profiles.

Those lies range from little ones like height or weight all the way to bigger, more serious lies. By and large, though, you can spot these lies from a mile away. Just be aware that there are those out there who are willing to bend the truth, so if you’re unsure about a profile, just walk away.

Learn to Love Chatting

One of the major strengths of online dating is that it allows us to get to know the person on the other end before we meet them. Compared to traditional ways of meeting people which rely on an instant physical chemistry, online dating foregrounds your personality, giving you the time to think of what to say before you say it.

With the instant messaging functionality on over 60 dating, you can start as many conversations as you like and see where things lead. It’s the pressure-free way to meet people in your own time, and we think you’ll love it.