Modern Dating Etiquette Explained

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You haven’t dated for a long time. Perhaps a decade or more. And now as you prepare to re-enter the dating scene you feel a little lost. Are the rules the same? Who should pay for what? Is pulling out a chair for your date hopelessly old-fashioned? Don’t worry. The fact is those good manners will always be good manners and generally, anything that you do with good intentions will be well received. But to bring you up to speed we have brought together the key rules of modern dating etiquette below. Read on to find out how to date well today. chivalrous man

Leave the Smart Phone Off the Table

One of the biggest killers of modern romance is the advent of smart technology. Checking on the football scores while your date peruses the menu is very bad form and should be avoided at all costs. If you have a real and pressing reason for needing to access your phone then explain the situation to your date beforehand and ensure it stays on silent. But if at all possible keep your phone out of the equation and off the table.

Always Be On Time

No one likes waiting. And waiting for a date is a particularly painful experience. Always try to be punctual, if not a little bit early, even if this means changing a usual habit. It shows courtesy to your date. Trust us, running in 10 minutes late, red-faced and out of breath is not a good basis for romance.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

There may be some naysayers who claim that holding a door, letting a lady go first or pulling out a chair for your female date is old-fashioned but in our experience, it’s almost always well received. Like being on time, it shows courtesy and respect. The caveat to this is if your date feels uncomfortable with this type of behaviour, listen and respect her views. Respect is central to every part of dating.

Men Usually Pick Up the First Bill

This can be another controversial topic but again, in our experience, it’s part of the unwritten rules of dating that usually creates a smoother, more respectful experience. If you are a man taking out a woman on a date, expect to pay and choose a venue that is in your budget to do so. Likewise, if you’re a woman who feels uncomfortable with this, let your date know you would like to pay half and be firm on this point. Always be open and clear about what you feel ok with.

Communicate Effectively

The rise of modern technology means it’s easier than ever to ‘ghost’ someone. This means ignoring someone you have dated or made contact with online. This is often just plain rude and should be avoided where possible. If you meet or connect with someone that isn’t a good fit then explain this politely and firmly. This allows both of you to move on without confusion. It’s an important part of online dating etiquette.

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