Ladies – What Should I Wear on a First Date?

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You have done it. You have given online dating a try and found someone you think you could share a spark with. You have reached out – started that difficult first conversation and now you have a date in the diary. The butterflies are starting to build.  Now for the really tough bit? What should you wear?!

Deciding how to dress and present yourself can be one of the hardest parts about jumping into the dating scene. You don’t look how you did when you were dating in your teens or twenties – this all feels different and more than a little scary. Try and take a breath – how you feel is perfectly normal. And you can get over this dating speed bump. Try out the tips below to boost your confidence and leave you feeling amazing before that all-important first date.

Wear something comfortable

There is something about a date – especially the first one in a while – that can see common sense go out of the window. You wear something that you think you should wear rather than what you actually like. This often leads to uncomfortable choices. Those high heels that look great but feel awful or a suit that is definitely on the tight side. Whatever you decide to wear, go for comfort and practicality. If you feel physically uncomfortable you’re unlikely to be able to relax and enjoy your date.

Don’t change your style

Your date wants to meet you! Never make big changes to your personal style before you go on a first date. Be who you are. That doesn’t mean you should wear that holey jumper you have had for years but it does mean not showing up in a cocktail dress when you normally go for a bright blouse and well-cut chinos. Don’t let the pressure of a date lead you into the wrong decisions.

Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good

A new lipstick. A new sweater. Even a haircut or a facial. Small treats boost how we feel about ourselves and put an extra spring in our step. It doesn’t have to be expensive or large, just take the time to do something that is only for you. It will help charge your confidence before you sit down across the table from someone new.

Consult friends and family

The people who know you and love you the best will always be happy to help you with first date fashion. Don’t be afraid to ask for a little moral and practical support – this can help you feel confident and ensure your outfit is on point. The people closest to you will have a great idea of what styles and colors suit you and should make the process of choosing a first date look much easier.

Whether your first date is the perfect match or simply a new experience make sure you look and feel amazing by taking the time to get your outfit right.

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