How to Find Love Over 70

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What does it take to find love?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our life, but the answer changes each time we ask it. It’s dependant on our age, our social situation, our work life and, well, just about every other variable you can imagine.

Over 70, the question changes again with many of us asking ‘is it possible to find love?’. Well, we like to think we know a thing or two about love and we’re here to tell you that – yes – it is possible to find love over 70. But how?

As we grow older, our social circle shrinks and yet we find ourselves busier than ever, spending huge amounts of time with family, helping out with kids and for many of us, still working. There’s also the issue of socialisation, as many of us spend far less time out and about meeting new people than we used to, dramatically reducing the opportunities to meet new people.

In the past, that meant that over 70s relied exclusively on introductions through friends, but that never has a particularly high hit rate – but that’s not the case any longer, because the internet has provided an amazing way for over 70s to meet new people.

We’re talking about online dating for over 70s.

Separate from general dating websites which predominantly skew both in design, membership and intent towards young people, over 70s dating websites like ours are specifically designed with you in mind. Easy navigation, enhanced security and more can all be expected, but what advantages does online dating have over traditional methods?

It’s Full of People Just Like You

One of the troubles of trying to find a date the traditional way is that, by our age, many people simply aren’t on the market anymore.

Either taken or simply not looking for somebody, it can be hard to know whether the person you’re getting to know is interested in anything beyond friendship.

Not so with online dating, because you know that the only people who are there are those which are interested in meeting new people. It takes the hassle, stress and panic out of getting to know new people and is a huge advantage over traditional dating.

You Can Do It Anywhere

Part of having a busy life means having less time to devote to our love lives. Peeling away a whole weekend in the hopes of maybe meeting somebody we like is a tremendous waste of time, and so we rarely do it.

However, with online dating, you can meet people at any time, from anywhere. Whether that’s sat in front of the TV or out in the park on your phone, it’s possible with online dating.

It’s an Amazing Way to Meet New People

Online dating presents an entirely new way to meet people, one that truly suits us over 70s. Rather than relying on instant physical chemistry, the chat-based nature of online dating makes getting to know somebody incredibly easy and fun.

You can take all the time you want to get to know somebody and really get a feel for their personality before you meet in person. Quite simply, it’s an amazing way to meet new people.