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How are you Meant to Date over 60?

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Getting back on the dating scene when you’re over 60 can be a real challenge, especially when our social lives have changed dramatically from our youth. So, how are we meant to date over 60? Join us as we explain.  Dating over 60 is an experience like no other, one which can at once be […]

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Shyness and how to Overcome it.

how to stop being shy older

Shyness is something many of us sympathise with as a trait. After all, we’ve all felt it before. However, in dating it can really slow you down. In this article, we discuss shyness and how you can overcome it.  Shyness might often feel like it’s something that we were born with, is a learned trait. […]

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Learning from that Disastrous Date

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It’s happened to all of us. We spend all day in tight anticipation, get ourselves ready and head out of the door, only to endure one of the most disastrous dates of our life. Though we might associate these dates with our younger days, they’re still a common occurrence even as move into over fifty […]

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How to Spot Lies Whilst Dating Online

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Mature dating online is, without a doubt, one of the very best ways for over fifty daters to find love. The internet has revolutionised the way that we learn, interact and share, with recent reports even stating that more couples who meet online have longer lasting relationships than those who meet elsewhere. Meeting online gives […]

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Five Flirting Tips for the Over 50s

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Flirting is one of the greatest attributes that an over 50 dater can have in the modern dating scene. Almost never single and always in demand, the flirt is well placed to find that special somebody. Now, we all know that flirting doesn’t come naturally to all of us, but like any talent, it’s a […]

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A Refresher on Flirting for the Over 50s

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You’re hanging out at a party when, out of nowhere, you suddenly notice someone standing close to you.  In fact, you realize he or she keeps turning up nearby, trying to catch your eye. The two of you start talking and your new friend smiles, laughs, finds excuses to touch you and holds your gaze. […]

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Should You Date Inside your Age Group?

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For whatever reason, a large number of us simply don’t like to date amongst our own age group. Sexual preferences in humans are defined at a relatively young age, and for some of us that means liking older or younger partners. Clearly then, it’s perfectly natural to date outside of your own age group, but […]

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How to Succeed on the Over 50 Dating Scene

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Dating in your midlife can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The secret to success is preparing yourself prior to putting yourself out there, that way you’ll be armed the essential tools to make the dating experience an enjoyable one and ultimately get you want; somebody special to spend your life with. So, […]

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Five Things to Avoid Whilst Mature Dating

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Whatever your reasons might be for being back on the market, midlife dating can be a fun and fabulous way to meet new people, laugh a lot, learn even more about yourself and even meet The One. However, over the years we’ve seen that many of our customers make the same mistakes over and over […]

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